ZOMG. it's over!!

And here I am at 25. One day past.

I must reassess my bucket list. Make a new bucket list for 25-30. So far the word is 30 is gonna be GREAT. we shall see.....

stuffs stuffs stuffs....

new bucket list. can i put things on from old bucket list? because clearly some of the stuff didn't exactly pan out so those things are still out there to be done/learned and....

knife throwing? not so much. i still would like to learn it but with two little animals running around outside when i'm out there i hardly think it would be safe to throw around sharp objects at the risk of impaling a loved one... :/

blehhhhhh blehhhhhh and i thought ten measly things on a bucket list would be easy over 3 years...

Could we start again please...... JCSS anyone?

I'm sorry.

I've neglected a little piece of you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm NOT sorry.

I think this says it best:

Because while i have been neglecting here i've been doting over there and dabbling a bit more over thither and yada yada...

Yoda truck illustration
1/2 marathon registration
vipassana retreat registration
somewhat impromptu trip to Florida..?
porshce fund
white ink tattoo(s)...?

tons of money suckers... time suckers... life enriching activities coming up... lots to do lots to see!

ain't nobody got time for your whining...

i don't even know what i'm talking about anymore.

Good morning, I love you!

responsibility wins again

It's actually so very hard and not ALL that rewarding to be responsible. Nobody is going to give me a cookie for paying off my credit card debt with my tax refund instead of putting it into my "porsche" fund. Yet the heart stab pain is there... and the "more hours worked to make up that chunk of greens" is there...

But i will reward myself today. Because my highest interest soul-sucking bit of debt has now been COMPLETELY cleared. I will actually be shredding the card today. which is ok because i have auto-deduct from spotify and netflix which are negligible charges a month and entirely affordable as monthly "luxuries" and whatnot.

Then with the remainder of the refund I have supplemented my porsche fund by just a little and finally i've crossed the $1000 saved threshold. what is it about that line that is SO hard to cross? in the scheme of things it's not even that much but when i was saving up for my motorcycle, my trips, my (blank), etc etc.. it seemed like i would get to $600 then "something came up" or $900 and my brother needed to borrow *cough: take :cough* money HAHA!

So today I treat myself with something delish and migod nobody will tell me anything negative! yay me!!

I'll revisit this post when i'm out there applying for a loan for my porsche and they decide to give me a GREAT deal! because that will be another reward for the heartache i feel today.

The End is Near

A friend has brought to light a very terrifying notion. This blog is now almost at the age of self destruction. Less than one month hence I shall be 25 and barring any major tragedies I will have made it.... whatever that means..

I need to revisit my bucket list- the genesis of this blog- for I'm afraid I've lost my way.


I got a ukulele!!!

not really relevant to the issue i'm sure. no, not "i'm sure" i'm positive my acquisition of said ukulele has no relevance to my blog self destruct issue.


Sun Tzu

Great advice from a friend yesterday.

I need to revisit The Art of War. Because sometimes you don't want to make friends, you want to get into an advantageous position to keep them from hurting you and move on. But it matters how you step on them and Sun Tzu will teach me the ways to get to the higher ground for better vantage. The world probably looks WAY better from up there.

It's a little funny because I want to study this so that I may find peace in a non-confrontational manner.

travel bug

I have an itch and sadly i must not scratch it. at least yet.

But when I get to, I will remember this article. And remember to still say "wow."

Cats... oh they are just SOOOO fucking clever

It's frustrating when your cat is just so much cleverer than you. With my puppy it's like AWW how cute this and ISN'T HE JUST THE SWEETEST that and whatnot. with this cat of mine...


he's too stinking smart. he can open all of my doors no problem as long as they're not latched completely. he can open my counter oven door. all he needed was that ONE time i stored something in there for safe-keeping and he could smell it and then he got it and now he makes it daily practice to check if there's anything in there.

new plan. i'm gonna leash the sucker. when i'm cooking or eating i'm gonna leash him so that he can't interfere. little bastard acts like he's never fed or like he doesn't steal my dog's food on the DAILY. poor dog... he's too stupid to know how much he's being bullied by this little terrorist.

plus i think he needs to go on walks. don't cats need walks?

The New York Times thinks yes. and what a handsome little leashwalker he IS!